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   Lyla Marie brings the past into the present by creating one of a kind brooch bouquets and jewelry and may be infused with wonderful therapeutic scents . Each creation is a unique experience for our customers to enjoy for years to come.

  The name Lyla Marie has a sentimental meaning to me. It is my mother’s name (the queen of jewelry and accessories), which gave me a love of all things vintage and beautiful.  

  The tradition of Marie has been passed down as my middle name, as well as my daughter and daughter in law.  Marie is also the first name of the woman who inspired me years ago to pursue my passion of creating beauty.  So Lyla Marie was born. It was perfect!

  I have always loved anything vintage, and I remember as a young girl also relishing the discovery of a great bargain! I still feel at home searching thrift stores, and rummage and estate sales for those wonderful treasures of the past. I love taking those treasures and transforming them into new expressions of timeless beauty.

Another love of mine are flowers and aromatherapy.  I think it fabulous that we have been given beauty and wellness in many botanicals!

  It is part of who I am. As a floral designer, who is passionate about interior decorating, gardening, and weddings, I love to make all things beautiful!

  Another passion I have is to partner with other women to follow their dreams and passions while bringing hope, joy, wellness and freedom to others!